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Internationally acclaimed reggae artist Tom "SEEFARI" Carroll has performed in every Dayton Reggae Festival since he opened the first festival in 1988. The well-travelled SEEFARI has headlined major reggae festivals across the USA including four years as a headliner on the National Bob Marley Festival Tour.
The dancing, jumping SEEFARI's dynamic live show combines Roots  Rock Reggae with soulful vocals, sizzlin' horns and hard driving African percussion. From the depths of his musical, mystical consciousness SEEFARI brings forth a deep rootical, heartical, lyrical, inspirational iditation -  feeding the crowd with his fresh ital roots...




host emcee


The Ark Band is a St Lucia foundation reggae band now based in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 1987 by Terry Bobb and Eustace Bobb, the St Lucian Riddim Twins, drums and bass respectively, the Ark band has toured extensively and shared the stage with numerous Reggae greats (from Burning Spear to Kymani Marley). Combining heavenly harmonies with tight crisp performances, this powerhouse of talent captures their audiences with their very first note. Its repertoire combines original compositions with classic and current reggae hits designed to entertain, educate and enlighten all varieties of people.The Ark Band continues to be a dynamic force on the American scene. Its songs continue to express the love, peace, togetherness and spirituality needed in our world today and Jah Rastafari remains the central inspiration for the band's music. The Ark Band operates with this mission-- We believe that reggae music is a powerful force that will unite people of all ages, races, abilities and walks of life and we play the reggae with this thought in mind.




Lexington, Kentucky based Rob Dread and KMA have been a consistent presence at the DRF for many years. Originally from Columbus, Ohio,THE KINDREAD MUSIC ASSOCIATION (KMA) evolved in 1997 on the extremely competitive reggae music scene in Columbus, Oh.  Lead vocalist  and bassist Rob Dread moved KMA headquarters to Lexington, KY. in 1999 and began cultivating the sound known as Reggaedelic which is reggae + funk + cayenne pepper + nutmeg and some other stuff that has no name.
The current line-up consists of
Rob Dread: Bass and Lead Vocals and any other instrument known to mankind, Ciam: Guitar, Bass and Vocals, Chaddy Rey: Drums and Percussions , Wen-dog: Guitar and Vocals, Tee-Ravus: Keys, Sax and Bass and J-Cons: Keys, Samples and Drums.
From its inception, the KMA has been as relentless in its approach to crowd pleasing as it has been in its approach to sonic freedom. Rob Dread's  soulful vocals and bubblin' bass lines nice up the festival every time.



Formed in 1988, Groovemaster has been consistenly pleasing audiences all over Ohio with their brand of root style and dance-hall reggae. Groovemaster has appeared before standing room only crowds in clubs and colleges all over Ohio and have shared the stage with such Reggae greats as The Wailers, Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus, Mikey Dread and Ipso Facto. They performed as the headliner for a concert organized by Amnesty International, and opened Toledo's first reggae Rally By the River . The current line-up features founder and leader G.T. "Drummy" Richardson on drums and lead vocals, Joe - guitar, Louis - bass, Kirby - djembe (percussion), Alfred - percussion. There is something for everyone in the roots, dance-hall, and raggamuffin styles the members bring into their performances.



Selecter Reggae Band is an All Star Sextet featuring members of Rays Music Exchange, the Zionites, DLO(Da LEMMINGS OnSombol), and Grand Oversoul. Formed in the Spring of 2005, the group,consisting of Tim Hensley (drums), Alonzo Leggette (percussion), Nick Blasky (bass and vocals), Andy Lenihan (keys), John Gentry Jr. (guitar), and Jeremy Lacinak (vocals and guitar), have fused a unique sounding perspective on an original roots music form. Like their predecessors who fused their own Island rhythms with R & B, Ska, and Dub. Selecter has added their own twist by bringing in newer elements such as Jazz and Rock, with extended improvisational sections, making for a truly new and fresh variation.




Zorba The Buddha is a five person Reggae band based in Dayton, Ohio, US.  With Mike B On Vocals and Percussion , Keith Allen- Percussion and Drums , Brian Weyrich- Keys and Effects. Kris Hanson- Electric Guitar  and Reggie Stone- 5-String Bass Guitar, ZTB's sets range from originals, jazz to reggae conversions, roots reggae covers, and even a few popular artists conversions. ZTB's lyrics touch on social issues, love, or a lack thereof, much like the lyrics heard in foundational Rastafarian reggae music. A must see for music fans tired of commercialized meaningless pop music performances. Come experience reggae done in a Zorba the Buddha fashion.




Local reggae aficianado, Ras Robert was the host of "Cool Runnins" - a reggae program on WYSO Yellow Springs, for most of the 80's. He has been to Jamaica numerous times and has been a big influence on the local reggae scene. He was the MC of last year's Dayton Reggae Festival and the co-MC in 2005.